Team 4 Fun Day

Today at school it was team 4 Fun Day we had so much fun we did obstacles course, football dart, bike ride, multi sport and multi sport. We had so much fun we was also a senior for that day because the year 7 and year 8 went somewhere so year 5 and 6 was the leader my class room 10 started of with multi sport we played Basketball, Netball and soccer it was so much fun next we had a look at T ball I think we had a play with it then we had morning tea when it was morning tea I ate some of my food and when it was break I was playing soccer with my friend it was so good we took turn playing soccer team 2 won the game but I was team 1 but it didn’t matter because it about trying your best after morning tea we rode bikes if we was tired then we could play on the park after the that we did soccer dart we had to kick the ball with our leg I nearly scored won but sadly I didn’t get it wait hold up We did obstacles course to we did it after multi sport we could vs our partners I vs my best friend and it was more fun than it was me and Maung Maung vs each other I won against him many time but then I vs other people but it was my moment I vs My teacher and guess who won I’ll give you 5 second I won easy win but then we had to stop guess it was time up.

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