Copy of Immersion Assembly Recount: We know the way

This Term we are learning about direction it is great to learn about it that is the greatest thing for people that don’t know which way and direction actually really important because some people when they are using are GPS they could be confusing it might look like going that way but someone how going the other way which could cause you into a big trouble.


Term 2 school theme is We know the way. For this term term 1 is going to learn about bees and direction. Team 2 is going to learn about compass and pirates, Team 3 is going to learn about scratch and coding, Team 5 is learning about  robots.

Team 4 topic Is learning about QR code and direction. Team video is showing QR code on some wall for new students coming to our school to learn about staff.


I think it is really great that we get to have this new theme because it good for people to learn new thing that they might not know because it real that what I said cause if you don’t know your direction you could be in a big trouble.


This is a writing about the new theme for Pt england I hope you like it.


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