Month: July 2022


Today my family has woke up pretty early, my dad was the first to wake up and I was second, me my dad brushed our teeth’s, I  then went downstair so as my dad. I ate breakfast while my mum was sleeping downstairs. My dad was getting ready to go to his work. later on I was just watching on my device well my mum woke up and I felt bad for my mum because my mum had a stomach pain I open the curtain slowly  and just sat watching TV now I’m just sitting looking at the bright sun shine. Well what I sometime do is chores for the house so as my sister, I’m miss my friends from school already because unfortunately sometime it could be boring staying at home.


Cloudy Day

Today is cloudy day kinda well my mum told me that she was freezing a lot so I was sad and you know why it was because My mum was so cold that my family couldn’t go to the temple. So what I’m doing is just doing is sitting down and watching and also I was eating the most delicious thing it was chicken and pork with soup it was so good that I ate it with rice. Well I just stared outside at the window looking at the cold little cloudy day. So what my family does is just sit down and do chores and do thing that we have to do.

Where Will I Go

Tomorrow my uncle was thinking to head to Waikato to watch bird and have a walk around it. It will probably be an 2hr drive well I don’t know if it will be fun there but I hope it well. What do you plan on going to? Well today me and my mum will go to somewhere but I’m not sure where to. Also today is a great weather because it warm and sunny so that’s why we’ll something bad happens I have a headache for some reason we’ll I will get some rest and I will probably have more energy.

Holiday Trip

Yesterday Me and My family so as my cousin went to Rainbow End well we had to first shower at our our home and we had to eat we styled ourself up and my cousin came to our house since we were all finish we hop on the car and went to Rainbow End for somehow when we arrived we had to book appointments to go inside to I had a idea I decided to head to chipmunks when we arrived there was large slide well this time I had to play alone because my cousin were older then 11 and I was the youngest one I played for 30 minute I have been having so much fun in there alone with people that also playing it was so fun my family and cousin were sitting down and eating and drinking while I was having fun my dad told me that we had to go back home I was so sad but well we went to a Thai restaurant I ate crispy Pork with rice and veggies and my dad and my mum, sister and my cousin ate noodles it was a amazing dinner I don’t know how the sunset so fast at that point well at least we had fun.

Guy Fawkes Day

Did you know that yesterday was Guy Fawkes Day. Some people celebrated Guy Fawkes day at the sky tower but my family and cousins celebrated at GI it was amazing when they outed the light up in GI. Before they lit up the fireworks people walk around to see lights and play games then there was a call out that they was going to light the firework. Everybody was getting ready to watch we counted down from 8 and when we hit 1 the fireworks went flying it was amazing but loud it was one of the most amazing fireworks I seen, it went about 2 minute I think. That was one of the most amazing night I’ve seen. It would look like it was morning if the fireworks was large.