Holiday Trip

Yesterday Me and My family so as my cousin went to Rainbow End well we had to first shower at our our home and we had to eat we styled ourself up and my cousin came to our house since we were all finish we hop on the car and went to Rainbow End for somehow when we arrived we had to book appointments to go inside to I had a idea I decided to head to chipmunks when we arrived there was large slide well this time I had to play alone because my cousin were older then 11 and I was the youngest one I played for 30 minute I have been having so much fun in there alone with people that also playing it was so fun my family and cousin were sitting down and eating and drinking while I was having fun my dad told me that we had to go back home I was so sad but well we went to a Thai restaurant I ate crispy Pork with rice and veggies and my dad and my mum, sister and my cousin ate noodles it was a amazing dinner I don’t know how the sunset so fast at that point well at least we had fun.

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