Month: August 2022

New Zealand

New Zealand has an amazing nature beauty. What I think is New Zealand is made to explore because of its beautiful place. New Zealand is one of the safest country in the world.

New Zealand military has a population about 15k. New Zealand is ranked about from 85 to 120 for Military Ranking. NZSAS is rank the best special force in New Zealand.

New Zealand has a population about 5 million! Even with a small Island can’t you believe that. New Zealand is mostly sunny it mostly a great day to go out in the beach.

Cyber Smart

Being Cyber Smart is great thing to do you might be thinking what is Cyber Smart well it actually means to be in the right path which could be doing the right thing like not playing game in school or not saying words that are inappropriate in school because it will actually stay there. Cyber Smart isn’t just about that it also not letting people know your password or think twice before clicking sites.


SAS is one of the best special force in the British,New Zealand , Australia  and even more Countries . SAS is used for statistical analysis and data visualisation. SAS has lots of soldier probably under 1mil but still one of the toughest special force in the whole world. SAS wear armour protection using special clothings. SAS has to been train a lot to become one because of its difficult job.