Futuristic Engineering

Futuristic Engineering is amazing because their so beautiful and looks so futuristic and also it amazing to see how much work they actually had to do. Well making futuristic buildings or things actually takes time like Dubai city back then in the 1900s they had sands everywhere and only a few building but now look how they are now, it like your living in the future the seas are beautiful the buildings are beautiful and they have amazing technology machine wait till you see Dubai most amazing museum called Museum of The Future it looks so small it sort of like a ring but in the inside it so big also it has all sorts of machine made by technology that why I want to tell you that if you want to live in a place with amazing buildings then you have to work for it either you be the fish or the shark we want to be the shark so we take over the sea and to do that we have to work for it so if you want a better life then work for it this sentence was inspired by a kid.

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