Egg Drop Challenge

Today we did a Egg Challenge  It was simple at the start we had a watch at one of the best engineers Mark Rover  he had showed us what material we can use for our contraption to not make the egg crack we all had many idea for us to make our contraption to keep the egg safe. After we had 30 minutes to think of an idea to use for our contraption I had 5 people in my team which we all had great idea Tihoni made a great idea he told us that we can group the idea of what we drew together to make the egg safe, after the 30 minute of thinking we went and sat on the mat, later Mr Hughes told us “Later Morning tea we will start making our contraption.  Me and my group were sure ready that we had a chance of winning. After 30 minutes from that playtime I went back to room 8 and then we got into 2 lines and went inside and sanitised our hand next we went on the mat Mr Hughes said to us “Who ever is the winning group will win lollipops” The students was excited because there were I think about 25, Mr Hughes set us of and right when he said go we went on our table and started building our contraption me and my team used plans of our to keep our egg safe for somehow Tihoni had a great idea Tihoni said “We can put one balloon at the top and the other on the bottom so it can land softly”. Toran blew the balloon up and Tihoni tighten the balloon

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