knock knock jokes

2 thoughts on “knock knock jokes

  1. Hello Ponyamon!

    Hahaha what a bunch of funny jokes you have here! Did you make them up yourself or did you do a bit of research to find them?
    My favourite one is the “oslo down”, that was a great play on words!

    What was your favourite joke?

    Take care,
    Theresa (SLJ)

  2. Kia ora Ponyamon!

    Happy New Year! I really enjoyed reading your ‘Knock knock’ jokes and the way you have used word play in the punch lines. Like Theresa, I think my favourite was also “Oh slow (Oslo) down” – which was very clever and sure made me laugh!

    Look out for an activity coming up before the end of the Summer learning Journey – it’s called Food-Pun-Art. I look forward to coming back to see what vegetable joke you come up with.

    Nga mihi nui
    Naomi (Manaiakalani Facilitator)

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