Month: November 2023

Ponyamon PM Reader – Room 8 Literacy (BlackPanther)

PM Reader Challenge – Rumi and the Robo-tel


For this task you need to do some reading out loud. 


  1. You will record a video of yourself reading the first page of your PM Reader.
  2. At the SAME TIME you will use the Voice Typing feature on this Google Doc.


This will give you an opportunity to hear how you read, and to see how accurate your pronunciation is.


Start your Voice Typing here: You could have heard me groaning from the Moon when Dad told me we were going to Zuggsville for the weekend yes Zuggsville again Zuggsville isn’t the most exciting place on Earth and we’d be there at least one weekend each month for the last four months. Mom and dad were planning to open a bakery there and they were still looking for an empty shop to use. I really wish I didn’t have to go along every single time they inspected  another shop. Dad usually gets annoyed when I grizzle about Zuggsville visits. This time he gave me a wink and a smile. I really wasn’t sure what that was all about. The next day I found out. Mum woke me at 6:30 a.m. just as my diary hologram  wished me a good morning but the early wake up didn’t put me in the best mood. “Come on Rumi” mum laughed , “Zuggsville been  missing you for two whole weeks”  oh yes Zuggsville, my favourite City, ”I moaned.Mum gave me a  similar kind of wink to the one that dad had given me the night before, it didn’t make me feel like getting out of bed but, i must admit, it did  make me feel a little bit curious.


Attach the Google Drive link to your video here;



Once you have finished reading the text, answer these questions;


  1. Why didn’t  Rumi  want to go to Zuggsville  with her parents  to inspect another shop? Because she would have to go with her parent   all the time they inspected another  shop which could of had  her had no entertainment 


  1. What  are Sky-Cabs  and Razor-Rails?

Sky cabs are when a cab is floating on the sky and Razor rails are for the trains.

  1. What does 20-second response time guaranteed mean?

I think that your order/command   will be delivered in 20 seconds.

  1. How did all the robots  suddenly  become  set on Automatic Mode? In my opinion I think when Rumi was pressing all of the buttons she might have pressed automatic mode.


  1. Why was a real human being required to adjust the components in the remote control? A real human being would have to come adjust it because the robots were malfunctioning which meant that the robot could have not done it themselves,

What is a power overload? An electric overload occurs when there is so much current or shock wave that it heats up the wires. This has happened to my charger before because my charger started heating up alot!