Response to Text Pollution

Understanding Pollution: Protecting Our Environment for a Better Future


Answer each question to the best of your ability, using full sentences and make sure to include detail in your responses. Ensure you are using the text to locate important information that will help you provide accurate, and informative answers.


Level One: Retrieval (Locate the information in the article)


  1. Find a sentence from the article that explains what pollution is.


Pollution refers to the introduction of harmful substances or waste materials into the environment, causing damage to air, water, or land.


  1. What are the 5 different types of pollution that are talked about in the article?


Air  Water  Land  Light  Sound


  1. What are the three R’s  humans can do to reduce pollution? Provide 2 examples of how humans can do these..


R… R… R…
Reduce Reuse  Recycle 
Making a smaller or less in amount,degree,size. A container from home or school can be reuse. Recycle is reusing a piece of Material to create an object.


Level Two: Vocabulary (Understanding unfamiliar words)


Word Definition What sentence did you find it in? Use it in your own sentence
deterioration When something useful becomes a waste and also less useful. It can also lead to the deterioration of ecosystems and contribute to climate change. The milk bottle deteriorated after it was fully used.
emissions Emissions are something that can come out of an exhaust

 pipe and when they flow out they make air pollution.

Common sources include car emissions, factories, and burning fossil fuels. Air pollution can cause respiratory problems and damage the ozone layer. Emissions are very dangerous for humans because if humans breathe in bacteria it can seriously kill a person because it has little material that can destroy a human lung.
contaminants Can be a type of substance as an example there are 4 type of contaminants which is chemical,microbial,physical and allergenic.  Water pollution happens when contaminants such as chemicals, sewage, or plastics enter our rivers, lakes, and oceans. Contaminants can make water pollution as little substance can infect the water.
Pollution Pollution is almost like a virus but different types of pollution as an example like air pollution that can make it hard for us to breath. Pollution can come from various sources. Pollution is dangerous for human quality as it can infect and kill us. There is a lot of pollution like water pollution, air pollution,light pollution,land pollution and sound pollution.
environment Environment is a place where humans live. There are different types of environment. As Year 6 students, we have a responsibility to protect our environment and ensure a sustainable future for all My favourite type of environment is a countryside it’s because it quite.


Level Three: Inference (Use information and clues from the article to form conclusions)


  1. Explain why humans are primarily responsible for pollution?


The reason for that is because humans have been creating plastic which after plastic has been used most people would litter it that then starts to go in the water then those little substances spread into the water. 


  1. What are some impacts that water pollution could have on marine animals?


Plastic is dangerous for seals,turtles and sharks because when these marine animals start to get hungry it will try to find food and when it sees a type of plastic it could swallow it making it hard for the marine animal to breath then suddenly suffocate by the plastic.


  1. Why is light pollution harmful to wildlife?


Light  Pollution can harm animals because it disrupts the wild life pattern causing it to be dangerous for the animal.


Level Four: Beyond the Text (Using what we know, and what we have learned to express an idea or an opinion)


  1. How do you think pollution affects the quality of life for people living in heavily polluted areas? Explain, and give examples of how they are affected.


The quality of life will start to fade away because of air pollution. Air Pollution  can kill us humans and animals because humans sometimes burn this plastic and sometimes there’s little ink in it. When we burn  these little substances will create smoke and in that smoke we sometimes breathe in and that’s what kills us.

Response To Text

Maori Battalion 

(Te Hokowhitu-a-tu)


Response to Text. Highlight or answer each question to the best of your ability, including important information and detail to your answers.


Level One – Skim and Scan


  1. What did New Zealanders start to call themselves during the First World War?


The New Zealand people called themselves the kiwis because the kiwis was they’re native bird.


  1. How did the government encourage Māori to join the war?


The Maori Decided to to join the British then the Maori told each other

 “do your bit”  


  1. What was the war cry used to encourage Māori to fight?


The Maori Shouted out “E te iwi, whìtiki! Whiti! Whiti e!” (“O people,

prepare yourselves for battle! Spring up! Spring up!”)


Level Two: Vocabulary


Word Definition Your own sentence
Rural A Rural is a person that lives in the countryside rather than the City side. The Maori lived at the rural houses
Contingent A group of people sharing something in common. The Mafia Contingent was hanging out at their base.
Conscripted It means you signed up in the armed forces. I was conscripted to play in Soccer .


Level Three: Inference (Responses require AT LEAST one full sentence)


  1. Why did some Māori feel unwilling to fight in the war?


The Maori didn’t want to fight in the war because the British 


  1. What did the British high command feel uncomfortable about, and why did they initially keep the Māori soldiers busy with digging trenches?


The British high

command was uncomfortable with the idea of native people fighting alongside



  1. What does the chaplain’s prayer tell us about who the Māori soldiers were responsible for?


They were responsible for the Mana,Honor and the good for the Maori People.


  1. How did the First World War change the relationship between Māori and Pākehā?


The WW1 didn’t really help equal the Maori and The British because the British didn’t really care about New Zealand no more. 


  1. How did World War One change, and shape New Zealand’s national identity?


Foreign observers gave them international recognition, and in meeting soldiers from other countries Kiwis judged themselves against others.