About Me | Ko Wai Ahau

Hello my name is Ponyamon I am 9 years old. My teacher is Miss Parrant and my class is room 10. I am a Year 5. I was born in Malaysia but I am Mon. I have four family members, I like to watch basketball and I also like playing basketball my favourite  basketball player is Micheal Jordan. I like Micheal Jordan because he is one of the best players. My favourite basketball team is the Bulls. My favourite food is sushi. My favourite subject in school is history and maths. I like History because it is interesting. I want to learn more about war. Please leave a positive comment on my blog.

Peaceful day

Today is very peaceful around my street but also what good is that when there is peace it make me focus on what I could do and wait yesterday my mum bought me a watch it wasn’t a apple watch though it was Garmin one well I am still grateful because if you be grateful life will always will bring good thing back. But also this peaceful what should I do today less think about it I should ride bike I might do something fun so I’m going to think about what I should do.


Today was rainy and my sister sawed a kitten the kitten was stuck on woods my sister lift me up and I got it down when I went inside my house and told my mum could we keep the cat my mum said no because she didn’t like kitten so I was a bit sad and even sadder when I sawed the kitten cold on the wet ground right now the cat is right outside my house I hope one day it will found it owner. I know that sometime family don’t like the same animal but for sure the kitten will have a great life there might be other that will love kitten and will keep it. There was a tag but it had no name which made it harder but we could make a poster of a lost kitten so the owner could be happy.

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