Year: 2022

Happy New Year

Tomorrow is the day where it going to be 2023 I can’t believe time went by so fast. For some people they actually go back to they’re country where they’re family mostly lives well me and my family wants to stay here a little more so we will stay at home and did you also know that there’s a new Covid so I don’t recommend going back if your asain.


Exploring the world would be amazing well sometime it could end up wrong well still think about the good time while exploring it will bring more smile to your face making you want to explore more. Exploring places are amazing because you actually learn more about history and it’s important if your in collage or university because sometime if you do history then you would have to learn more to gain more knowledge well we can do some research or it could be great seeing in reality well for those explorer have good time!

Yesterday me and my family woke up and did a normal routine which was brushing our teeth and showering because we had a plan that we was going Devonport beach there was a huge park that people could play on and there was even a ferry so me and family got ready and my mum friend came along to it was great playing on the park and walking around see New Zealand navy.


Reading is something we have probably all done and reading is one of the most used in primary for us kid to do while at home ,school and even other places.  For some people reading is what they love to do but some are to lazy to even read well some just don’t mind. Reading is important because it helps us to learn new thing.