Summer Poster

2 thoughts on “Summer Poster

  1. Hi Ponyamon!

    Wow! What an amazing Summer poster you have created!
    I really like that you have put some images in the background and some in the foreground. This makes the picture look more “3D”. I wish I could be sitting back in a recliner chair on a beach right now! Do you enjoy going to the beach?
    What beach do you think the one in your poster is? One from NZ? Or maybe somewhere like Fiji, or Thailand?

    Take care

  2. Hi Ponyamon,its me Jaxson!I love how you made the mountains in the background so 3d,and I also liked the patterns on your surf boards.My favourite board has to be the board next to the guy who is sunbathing,you are so creative.

    What did you use to make the mountain so 3d?

    Keep it up Ponyamon,Bye!


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