When I was 20 years old I have heard a myth that if you look at the sky and travelled around the whole earth you will live for 1000 years old so I was thinking that I should try to do it  I have made my own ship and then I went on sea while I was on board I sawed a desert and then sawed many pyramid it was massive I randomly find a tree and one of my book  showed how rare to find it I was so happy that I couldn’t believe my eye seeing it while I was on board on my boat I was sailing to live a thousand year that year was 1999 I was thinking in the future what would they use day by day I would have a rest to country by country all alone the year it has become 2000 I have missed my parent so much and then I knew I had to make something to travel around the earth but then I made jets because I was pretty good at engineering staff so I made and that how jet was made after that I bang many gases  on the jet and launch off it was very fast it took me about 4 weeks I think but then something happen to me something so weird something that made me fly a spirit surrounding me whoosh I became a hundred years old! I was so sad what happened but then I sawed a chair not just a random a very cool chair I sat on it then it time traveled me to me in any years it was so cool I went to the year 2222 it was unbelievable everything was so shiny and clear then somehow I had inf health which mean I was invisible but the facts it a little is that I’m cool cause of magic but then I decide to end the magic of age and go back to 20 years old.

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