Did you know that the buddha was born back back then. My religion is buddhist I know some history of the Buddha lemme tell you some, based of google it might be wrong but you don’t know so don’t alway trust things but Lemme tell you now.

The Buddha had a chance of becoming a king but the Buddha refuse and rather become a Buddha at the point the Buddha was a monk in my culture I heard that the Buddha meditated under a tree for about 6 or 7 year. When the Buddha became a Buddha the Buddha had had a circle behind the Buddha which is probably the power of the Buddha. When the Buddha become the buddha a man wanted to kill the Buddha he pushed a massive rock to Buddha leg and then the Buddha ignore because the Buddha once’s said that in life if someone gives us a present and we don’t want it theirs right and if someone says bad thing it basically saying it to themselves because you refuse to talk but if somebody do something bad they will have the bad karma so that it for today I hope you understand.





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