Month: June 2022

Embedding Google Docs

Embedding Google Docs



For this activity you are going to show that you are able to embed a google doc onto edublogs. You will need to create step by step written instructions and then embed this doc onto your blog. 


Start your instructions here:

First make a copy of the google Docs.

Then copy the thing that you have wrote.

Next you paste it on Edu Blog 

And the your done.



On Friday it is going to be Matariki day , Matariki is day when New Zealand celebrates a 7 star + 2 Mother Nature and Father Sky which is a 9 star they celebrate for, honour those who have died, celebrate the present and plan for the future, Matariki is a constellation and constellation is a group of star that makes shape and star that mean really important for those other. Also did you know that Matariki was part with New Zealand for so long before I was born, for New Zealand Learner it is great to see  people celebrating they most important people in life.









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Creative story 3

One day a girl named Sarah was walking out in the woods she then spotted a tree bleeding for somehow she wondered what was happening it was like a nightmare for her. She called the police then police went investigating just in case there was a person in there but then the cop said it was some sort of demon then the cop said to stay away from the mysterious tree. Sarah was pretty scared because she had never seen anything like this. Also there is no chance of seeing that type of that until that point. Later that day she told people that she knew about it but none believe until the struck of nightmare began.


From: Ponyamon

This is a creative story that I wrote for you I hope you like it.


Yesterday my mum had arrived back home from the hospital because when the doctor or the nurse checked they said that my mum was okay to go back home it just that my mum was allowed to eat some thing I wasn’t happy or sad that my mum came back home if just felt like normal well I was little bit happy when my mum came home. My sister had to look after my mum and I had to go to school well my sister also had to got to school it just that she will have to look after my mum I just make food for my mum that all.

I am Alice

Task description: This week we have been learning all about robots. This is a book called “I am Alice” and it is about robots making a tunnel. For this task we had to record ourselves reading and then summarise the main ideas and review the reading. I really liked learning about how the tunnel was made from a machine.