Month: September 2022

Public Holiday

Today there’s no school because it a public holiday and you might be thinking why and the reason of the public holiday is because Queen Elizabeth II has passed away which they announced that there will be a public holiday. Not every country actually has the public holiday it’s actually countries that Queen Elizabeth II came to most likely though. Well the new Leader is now King Charles III. Well while the public holiday happening it pretty boring because my mum doesn’t feel happy to go and my dad has to go work well it nearly school.

Unwell Mother

Today my mother has been feeling unwell because she has a headache she’s coughing so I feel bad for also next week Wednesday she going to see the doctors to check her stomach. It’s very sad to see my mum unwell because my mum has been unwell like a 3 weeks now but she has a lot of energy to do things well I’m going to help mum do staff and make her feel much better rather then her doing staff in home.

Canzuk Relationship

CANZUK International’s proposals focuses specifically on three key areas: freedom of movement, free trade and foreign policy co-operation, with interest in complimentary objectives such as constitutional affairs and educational initiatives. The main idea of this idea was actually to agree with each other like trading and also helping with the military.

pH Scales

Today I’m going to talk to you about about pH scales and what it’s use for. So commonly if you would have to have a pH scale then it would be some sort of these long but little paper and we want the pH scale to stay on 7 which is neutral to use it  use the little paper and dip it in the water and shake for a little and then it would change colour and then you would see the colour changing if the result come to 7 the perfect but if it goes to 14,13,12,11,10 then do not drink also when it goes to 1 to 5 then bad because those two are actually acid and alkaline.

Water age

How long do you think water existed what I think is probably before the first person ever alive but according to google water was made 5.5 billion years ago which google also says it older then the sun itself and life was made 3 billion years ago so that mean water is probably the oldest thing in earth.

Futuristic Engineering

Futuristic Engineering is amazing because their so beautiful and looks so futuristic and also it amazing to see how much work they actually had to do. Well making futuristic buildings or things actually takes time like Dubai city back then in the 1900s they had sands everywhere and only a few building but now look how they are now, it like your living in the future the seas are beautiful the buildings are beautiful and they have amazing technology machine wait till you see Dubai most amazing museum called Museum of The Future it looks so small it sort of like a ring but in the inside it so big also it has all sorts of machine made by technology that why I want to tell you that if you want to live in a place with amazing buildings then you have to work for it either you be the fish or the shark we want to be the shark so we take over the sea and to do that we have to work for it so if you want a better life then work for it this sentence was inspired by a kid.


What would you pick if you had to chose any type of power but you could only choose  one  if I had to choose then I would definitely take the power of stopping time because then I could punch people so fast while pausing time and then just play it’ll be so much fun well that all for today.