Today was so rainy that we couldn’t play outside for lunch we had to stay inside and watch Phineas and Ferb some of us wanted to clean so we did I cleaned my class with my class mates while some room 9 student  was outside cleaning the window after 37 minute we stopped and Mrs Sio gave us instructions for us to do we followed the instructions and went on our chrome book and then listened to storyline online we then played Minecraft until it was 2:20 so after we played Miss Parent told us that we had to pack up so we could go home because we finish school at 2:30 we stacked our chairs up and clean our table and we sat on the mat and and Miss Parent talked about staff later the bell rang I went to creative space to go get Maung Maung because my dad was going to drop him to his house  we dropped him to his house and we went back home and then my mum made food for us to eat because my dad just came back from work just to pick me and my friend up also my mum hasn’t eat yet we ate and it was delicious and watched YouTube.

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